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Vancouver Water Ski Club

About Us


The VWSC was started in the early 1960's by Deep Cove residents Kenand Earl Matheson to give people a gathering place to water ski. Todaythe VWSC is a not-for-profit society registered with the B.C. provincialgovernment. VWSC is both a recreational and competitive club,which encourages family participation with an emphasis on fun!

Location and Facilities

The VWSC operates and maintains a clubhouse and facilities within Belcarra Park amid a rural ambience and salt water at Bedwell Bay. The site is directly across the water from Deep Cove and just north of Port Moody, B.C. with boat launches available at both Cates Park and Rocky Point. Click on the map to the right for a closer view.

The club site has a secure house complete with bedrooms for overnight stays, hot and cold water, propane run appliances, and a gasoline generator power system. A variety of sport equipment is available for the use of all members and their guests. A large dock provides water access and tie-ups for many member boats. The club owns and operates a passenger barge, which can carry up to 30 people, helps to transport equipment, materials and supplies, and provides a work platform for maintenance of equipment on the water.

Our club does not have road access, so you must arrive by trail or boat. We host several public events each year that give the general public access to our site via our transportation barge


As a member club of Water Ski and Wakeboard BC (WSWBC), the members of the VWSC may participate in tournaments at their own skill level, anywhere in British Columbia, or even Canada-wide at the upper levels of ability. The club maintains a jump, slider, and slalom course and holds sanctioned water ski and wakeboard tournaments. We also have a fun tournament where the emphasis is on participation and fun, rather than winning events. The annual Kids Camp has been a huge success in opening the sport to kids outside of the club, and the numerous community events help members share with those who might never have a chance to try the sport.


We have a Spring Fling pot-luck party every year as well as the famous Clam Bake dinner and dance held at the club site each August and an Awards Banquet in November. Kids are welcome at all events except the Clam Bake (adult fun only!) Impromptu gatherings always have a way of coming together in the summer months.


General members are given a key to the clubhouse. This allows for the privilege of full use of the facilities and sporting equipment for them, their family and an occasional guest. In return, it is expected that members will participate in work parties and at events, as well as attend meetings. The VWSC facilities and organization are run entirely by volunteer effort.


Interested in knowing more about our club? Review our Membership Information and Membership Types and Fees to get an understanding of how our club works, including the various benefits and obligations, and what it will cost you annually. If you want more information then see our Contact Us page.

If you wish to become a member, fill out the Application Form. Also, complete an Adult Waiver and/or Minor Waiver depending on the type of membership you are applying for, then email it to Bio section will be distributed to our general membership before you can be accepted. You will then be contacted by someone from the club informing you of the next steps.